879 Mandurah Road, Baldivis, WA, 6171, Australia
879 Mandurah Road Baldivis Western Australia 6171 AU

We are a small Christian primary school close to Rockingham, a coastal community about 45km south of Perth, Western Australia. Our school is operated by the Free Reformed School Association of Armadale, and we serve the families who belong to the Free Reformed Church community of the Rockingham region. We believe that our children should be given an education which is based on what God tells us in the Bible.

Reformed parents are committed to instruct them in the Christian faith and in a Christian way of life. Reformed schools such as ours have been set up to help parents in this task, consistent with Government requirements.

We emphasise that our children live in a covenant relationship that God has established with them from birth, and we strive to teach them to be hearers and doers of His Word.

Through overt instruction, modelling, loving discipline and reflection, we strive to teach knowledge, skills, and Biblical values for all of life. In this way we aim to help them grow in love for God and their fellow-man, and become useful citizens of Australia, members of their community, and servants in God’s Kingdom.

When RJCS opened in 1995, we had 45 students, and we have grown steadily ever since. Enrolment is restricted to members of the School Association, and is not usually open to those who do not belong to the Free Reformed Churches.